Interview with Joletta Belton at Paincloud Convention 2018

This is an interview we did with Joletta Belton at the Paincloud Convention 2018.

Joletta has lived with chronic hip pain for several years. She had various forms of treatments and therapies, and struggled for years with her pain.

She started to learn more about pain science when she did her Master of Science degree in human movement. She describes it as “Pain science opened the door to living”.

Through knowledge, movement, being creative, nature, love, adventure, mindfulness and acceptance, she started changing her life and her pain.

She is now bridging the gap between patients and providers, runs a non-profit organisation to help people in pain and a blog where she shares her insights. She is invited as a speaker at pain conferences, and shared her story and her insights during the Paincloud Convention.

We were fortunate enough to sit down with her for an audio recording (Swedish subtitles), as the patient perspective is often sorely lacking in the discussion of pain.

Check out her blog, and at Twitter. Also, check out EPIC

Check out Paincloud.


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